Our company

Our company PEPSIS & SON Ltd activates itself and is a pioneer in the sector of Segregation of Plots covering the strictest and the most demanding requirements of the modern building industry. Main principle and commitment of the company Administration, but also the philosophy of each executive, is always to provide our customers the fastest, the best and the most secure service, covering all the conventional requirements and applying all the relate legislations and models.

The administration of our company has ensured all the essential resources, in mechanical means and is manned with completely educated, qualified and scientific personnel such as: topographers, civil engineers, experienced foremen and professional engine drivers, for the implementation of the Political Quality and the achievement of our qualitative objectives, taking care at the same time through the mechanism of standardization, that we apply the ensure of the lowest possible cost to profit our customers.

For the insurance of success of the above, our company has:

  • Adopt a System of Management of Quality (according to the International Model ISO 9001:2000) and is applied in all the activities ensuring the quality of work and our services for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Invest in the continuous training, briefing and training of our executives and personnel so that they promote the Quality and the productivity for the achievement of the lowest possible cost in each activity.
  • Invest systematically in modern instruments, productive equipment, equipment of control and bodies of measurements.
  • Place measurable Objective Aims for the Quality, in enterprising and functional level of departments and in the constructional sector. These objectives are established, watched carefully and evaluated as for their degree of achievement.
Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, in PEPSI & Son Ltd we recognize and award the team work as well as the individual effort, we invest in the human being, and respect the customer and the social integration.